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Weight Loss

Make Weight Loss a happy side-effect of boosting your health and nutrition

 Are you wanting to lose weight but unsure of what diet to follow ?
Maybe you have tried diets in the past but not achieved lasting results ?
What might be stopping you ?

Let us get your full Health Picture

Do you have any underlying health issues ?
How good is your blood sugar regulation ?
Do you have any food intolerances or allergies ?


We work together to build a nutritional plan to achieve optimal health alongside sustainable weight loss                                                                                                                   

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This approach is not geared for rapid weight loss. It is a way of eating healthy and nutritious foods that will help you to boost your health, manage your blood sugar, ignite your metabolism and hence burn excess fat. This becomes your full-time way of eating. Your body can then achieve its ideal weight, healthily and steadily over time, and maintain this weight.

What causes us to gain weight?

Our bodies are fuelled by glucose. Every cell throughout your body requires a steady supply of glucose and oxygen to function. Glucose comes principally from carbohydrate foods (sugars, grains, vegetables and fruits). However, when there is too much glucose in the blood, the body goes into storage mode. Some is stored as glycogen in the liver, but once the glycogen stores are full, excess glucose is laid down as fat. The body is making provision for leaner times, but for most of us we never go short of food!

Quite simply, to lose weight we need to reduce and regulate blood sugar levels before we can start to burn fat. The trick is to ensure that you never have more glucose in your body than it requires.

The blood sugar roller coaster !

Do any of the following statements sound familiar?

  • I often miss breakfast and have a snack mid morning
  • I find it difficult to get up/get going first thing
  • I need a cup of tea/coffee to get me going in the morning
  • Tea/coffee keeps me going all day
  • I often feel sleepy after my midday meal
  • My energy slumps about 3 pm and I crave something sweet
  • I cannot live without chocolate
  • I crave something sweet after my evening meal
  • I like a glass of wine to wind down in the evening
  • I am too tired to exercise
  • I find it difficult to sleep
  • I have a low metabolism
  • I cannot lose weight

All these are clear signs of poor blood sugar regulation. Your blood sugar is fluctuating throughout the day giving you highs and lows in terms of energy. You may be fuelling this roller coaster with sugar, caffiene and other stimulants

The good news is that you can manage your blood sugar by eating foods with a low glycemic load which will help you to eliminate your cravings and lose weight at the same time.

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Book your consultation today

Nutrition and Weight Loss Consultation – 1.5 hours:

I work with you to understand your health picture. This includes underlying health issues, blood sugar regulation, metabolism and any food intolerances or allergies.

I am then able to work with you to put together an eating plan geared to achieve optimal health and weight loss.

Cost: £65

Follow up Consultations – 1 hour:

As requested.

Cost: £45


Nutrition and Weight Loss Consultation plus a weekly Check In of 20 minutes for the first 5 weeks*:

Check In can be via the phone or Skype.

Cost: £120

*All appointments booked and paid for at the initial consultation.