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Detox and Rejuvenation

It’s time for a clear out!

Are you feeling sluggish and run down ?
Maybe you have a host of niggling symptoms and want to rejuvenate your body ?
or perhaps you have overdone it with a holiday or living life in the fast lane ?

I work with clients to understand what their body is trying to tell them and how to detox safely, steadily and effectively.


Modern living including our diet, lifestyle and environment means that our bodies accumulate toxins over time. The body has an amazing capacity to detox itself, but sometimes its detoxification pathways become overloaded resulting in a whole host of health symptoms: aches and pain, poor digestion, skin and lung problems, fatigue, weight gain, low immunity and many more.

What is detoxification?

Tea ginger with mint and cinnamon in a mugOur bodies are exposed to toxins all of the time. Some of this comes from the food we eat, the air we breath, our water, household products and the environment. In addition our bodies make toxins throughout the day, the end products of the thousands of metabolic pathways within the body. To cope with this and effectively eliminate toxins, your body has a number of detoxification pathways. Your liver can be thought of as your detoxification plant and is responsible for filtering the blood and metabolising toxins. These are then isolated as bile and released into the bowel for elimination. Other routes of elimination include your skin and your lungs. The kidneys are responsible for filtering the blood and eliminating unwanted metabolites and urea.

We tend to think of a cold as a bad thing, but your body uses this as an opportunity to detox. Raised temperature, sweating and the production of mucus are just some of the techniques that the body uses to remove unwanted toxins. The best way to deal with a cold is to rest, drink plenty of water and allow the body to detox itself. If only the boss would understand ! It is however important to monitor a raised temperature, especially in young children, and if this is raised follow NHS guidelines.

When is a good time to detox ?

From and Naturopathic perspective the best time to detox is spring. Our bodies and hence our liver follow the natural bio-rythums of life. The growth of plants can mirror how the body energy changes with the seasons.

Autumn – the time to reflect on the past year and to prepare for withdrawing as the Winter months close in.

Winter – a time of consolidation, of going inwards and hibernating.

Spring – the time of year when the earth begins to burst alive with energy and new growth.

Summer– a time when plants have reached their maximum capacity for growth with the hot temperatures and abundant sunshine. It is a time of optimum growth and warmth and for building and protecting our energy reserves for the remainder of the year.

If you think of your liver as a gear box, in Autumn it starts to shift down so that by winter it is ticking over in 1st gear. As spring arrives the liver quickly steps up through the gears so that by the end of spring and throughout the summer it should be running in 5th gear.

But I want to detox now !

You can detox at any time of year so long as you know how to work with your body. You would approach this differently in winter to spring or summer. I help clients understand their health profile and help them to work with their body systems for safe and steady detoxification. A crash or badly managed detox may cause more problems as the detoxification pathways become overwhelmed.


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Nutrition and Detox Consultation – 1.5 hours:

I work with you to understand your health picture. It is important to understand what is happening inside your body and the health of your routes of elimination. With this knowledge I can formulate a tailor made detox plan that is safe, steady and effective.

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