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Ordering Supplements

Food Based nutritional supplements

When a client requires supplements I will always recommend Food State Vitamins and Minerals and Wholefood Nutrients.

Many commercially available vitamins and minerals are ‘in-organic’ or synthetic, i.e. not generated from a natural source. These nutrients are not bonded to biologically recognised molecules, i.e. a fat, protein or sugar molecule. As a result, it is harder for the cells which make up our tissues and organs to recognise, absorb and utilise these molecules.


Food State vitamins and minerals are concentrated into food complexes so that our bodies can easily absorb and make good use of them.

Food State nutrients are combined in a variety of appropriate food bases to ensure they come complete with the phytonutrients and associated food factors that are necessary for optimal absorption and use in the body. This includes carrot concentrate for beta carotene, citrus pulp for vitamin C, and lactobacillus bulgaricus for B vitamins, as each base would naturally contain levels of the same nutrient.


Wholefood products are unique in that they are made from hydroponically grown brassica, a member of the broccoli family of vegetables. This plant is an edible species which has a great capacity to bio-accumulate high levels of minerals to enable good levels to be achieved in small doses of supplementation.