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Let’s go shopping

Buy the foods that support your health

Are you confused about what you can and can’t eat ?
Do food labels leave you confused ?
Are you managing food intolerance(s) or starting a new diet  ?
Does the supermarket leave you baffled ?

I can accompany you to the supermarket and help you pick out the foods that you will need to support your new way of eating.

What foods support your health ?
What needs to stay on the shelf ?
What exciting and nutritious foods can you have instead ?

Smiling woman holding a bag full of vegetables

Let’s go shopping  – 1.5 hours

I am happy to accompany you to the supermarket to help you select the foods that will support you and your family’s health. This can be especially helpful for people navigating multiple food allergies and/or intolerances. I offer this service to clients within a 10 mile radius.

Cost £65