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Food IntoleranceTesting

Identify, understand and manage your food intolerances

It seems that food intolerances and allergies are on the increase, but understanding what you can and cannot eat can be very confusing.

Let us get your full health picture

What foods are making you unwell ?
What is happening on the inside to give you your intolerance symptoms ?
How can you eliminate this imbalance ?

In many cases it is not specific foods that are the problem but rather the health and vitality of the digestive system. If your inner system is out of balance you may not be digesting and absorbing foods effectively and this can lead to food related symptoms such as bloating and cramping. When clients suspect food intolerances I work with them initially to improve the health and function of their digestive system. If problems persist I can then offer well thought out food intolerance tests.

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What is a food intolerance ?

A food intolerance describes unpleasant symptoms following ingestion of a certain food. There may be several factors at work here including reaction to additives and naturally occurring toxins in the food, or a metabolic disorder in the individual. Most commonly food intolerance is the result of poor digestion. Your body is not able to produce sufficient of the right enzyme to break down the problem food and your body then has an adverse reaction to the partially digested food.

What is a food allergy ?

Allergens (foreign proteins) can impact our bodies through contact, inhalation, consumption or injection. When the body detects these foreign invaders it launches a counter attack in the form of antibodies. Classic allergy describes reactions that are quick (within an hour) and these can be severe. Once you have been sensitized to an allergen your immune system memorizes this so that the next time you are exposed you will react within minutes. Severity of response ranges from sneezing and scratching to anaphylactic shock. Some allergies have a delayed response (24-72 hours) but these tend to be from metals and plants.

There are five categories of antibodies called immunoglobulins: IgA, IgD, IgE, IgG and IgM. You may be familiar with these if you have had allergy testing. IgE is believed to be responsible for most allergic reactions and these are detected using Skin Prick tests or Rast tests.

How do I differentiate between an allergy and an intolerance?

For a definitive answer you would need to have allergy testing. However, a simple guide is that allergies are quick onset with redness, swelling, constriction, heat and pain. For example if you ingest a food and experience itching and swelling of your mouth, lips or throat, this is likely to be an allergy.

In contrast an intolerance reaction can take between 1 and several hours to set in. Food intolerances are characterised by swelling, bloating, gas and pain in the abdomen.

True food allergies effect a small number of people but can be quite dangerous. For example ground nuts (peanuts) and tree nuts (brazils, almonds, hazelnuts etc) can cause a severe allergic reaction in some individuals.

I have been told that I have leaky gut syndrome !

When the delicate environment inside the gut becomes imbalanced with detrimental gut flora and weakened digestion, the beneficial gut flora are compromised. Balanced gut flora are essential for healthy digestion and the integrity of the gut lining. When imbalance occurs the gut lining can become more permeable allowing partially digested foods to pass over. Your immune system may see these substances as invaders and react to them.

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Food Intolerance Consultation – 1.5 hours

Simply cutting out problem foods does not always address the underlying imbalances in your digestive health which are causing you to have ‘food intolerance’. I take a full health picture for each client to assess the health of their digestion and their inner ecosystem. On the basis of this assessment I make recommendations about diet and nutraceuticals to support digestive health.

Cost £65

Food Cupboard Make Over – 1.5 hours

I come to your house  and help you decide which foods in your home are supporting your health and which are counterproductive. I can help you decode food label jargon and offer lots of ideas for substitute foods. I offer this service to clients within a 10 mile radius.

Cost £65

Let’s go shopping  – 1.5 hours

I am happy to accompany you to the supermarket to help you select the foods that will support you and your family’s health. This can be especially helpful for people navigating multiple food intolerances. I offer this service to clients within a 10 mile radius.

Cost £65